Enter Sandman

Sleep is something I'm really good at. I can do it anywhere and I rarely have trouble doing it. Naps are also a huge part of my life, because of the healing powers they provide. Now when I mention healing I don't mean the typical body resting and muscle rejuvenation type healing. That's all fine [...]


Mind mountains

When I woke up the morning I was to leave Warner Springs, my first real pang of wanting to go home hit me. I'm unsure of why my mind automatically reroutes to feelings of jaded nostalgia, but it's a pattern I'd be happy to be rid of. That morning I rose at 5 am and [...]

Lifting the veil

Saying that thru hiking is a way to take a long and elegant wander through the woods is easy. If you're a romantic at heart and have a proclivity for overlooking any and all negativity.  The truth is, hiking all day every day is painful, dirty, and enraging most of the time. And it's the [...]

Picking myself up again

Lake Morena improved my outlook dramatically about the hike. I had new knowledge of things I needed to alter in my pack because of weight and lack of necessity.  When you're carrying everything you own on your back, essentials are really the only thing you care about. I trimmed down a few heavy things that [...]

The beginning/ trail initiation

When you imagine a trip that will take you through some of America's most beautiful and raw places, it's easy to get lost in the romantic notions that thru-hiking can provide. Beautiful desert flowers, pine forests and sunsets that will warm your heart for days. But in between those picturesque moments is a lot of [...]